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Every made to measure garment is based on our classic silhouette and custom tailored to your unique measurements. From first appointment to final fitting, expect approximately 8 weeks. To begin, confirm a fitting appointment on line.

Your first appointment will include a consultation about your desired garment style, event, or idea, followed by a detailed fitting session. You will then choose from a wide selection of fabrics sourced from all over the world. Next, select your garment details and trims including pocket styles, linings, buttons, and even thread color.

Once your garment has been delivered by our factory in New York, your second fitting will take place to finalize finishing details and fine tune your desired fit. Your last fitting will be a presentation of your final garment.

Fit, style & detail

Our fit is a moderately trim silhouette with a comfortably high armhole. Our three jacket models differ by structure which will change how a garment feels and wears.

Our styling options determine the overall garment aesthetic such as a single or double breasted jacket or plain front or pleated pants.

Our details are extensive and not depicted below. Details include everything from vents and pockets to fabric, lining, and buttons.


Full Canvas Structured

Half Canvas Soft Structured

Floating Canvas Unstructured


Notch Lapel

Peak Lapel

Double Breasted Peak Lapel

Shawl Collar Lapel


No Lapel

Notch Lapel

Peak Lapel

Double Breasted No Lapel

Square Shawl Lapel


Plain Front

Single Pleat

Double Pleat


3 Button Notch Lapel

6 on 2 Peak Lapel


Custom prices are based on standard sewing costs and variable fabric costs. The listed prices are estimated starting points.

Prices include style consulting, fitting sessions, and alterations.

    • Pant: $600
    • Vest: $600
    • Jacket: $1600
    • Two piece suit: $2000
    • Three piece suit: $2400
    • Overcoat: $1700


Made to Order | Our version of ready to wear; shop a seasonal selection of styles and fabrics in the Tailored Articles silouette. These garments are made on demand in New York and deliver untailored in 4 to 6 weeks.

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